© Copyright 2017 by Middlesex Magic Magic Inc. | All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2017 by Middlesex Magic Magic Inc. | All Rights Reserved.

David Malouf

Winchester High School / Tufts University

  • 3 year varsity player and starter
  • Played with two other magic alums, Brian Shapiro and Phil Barlow and Brian Shapiro


Best Memories of Playing with the Middlesex Magic

I have so many incredible memories of my time as both a Magic player and coach. When I was playing in the early days of the Magic organization it was pretty amazing what we accomplished. Our center was 6’2, so we weren’t the most intimidating team. Coach Crotty devised some pretty amazing plays and schemes that allowed us to take advantage of our suffocating full court press and aggressive offensive bombardment from three point land. Traveling to several national tournaments in Las Vegas, New York, Tennessee, North Carolina, etc, to be exposed to scouts and amazing competition really left a lasting impression. I think what separated the Magic from other AAU organizations was the character of the Crotty’s and the family environment they created. To this day I still keep in touch with a lot of the amazing core players on our team. As a coach, the highlight was taking an amazing group of talented and hardworking 8th graders to the national tournament. A tremendous group with fantastic parents. We had so much fun and continued the Magic Family way.

How the Middlesex Magic Helped you the most

I owe so much to my Magic experience. I think as a youth it was very enriching to be in an environment where you were surrounded by great caliber players and more importantly by intelligent and motivating coaches. This greatly improved my basketball skillset, knowledge of the game, and also overall confidence. Coach Crotty Sr., and now Coach Crotty Jr., always wanted the best for us both on and off the court. Obviously basketball was the forefront, but they actually took the time to care about other facets of your life like your future. Playing with the Magic helped me get in a foot in the door at my dream school Tufts University, and it was a pleasure playing alongside two fellow Magic alums for that team.

Coach Malouf and Crotty Sr. with team at Nationals
Coach Malouf and Crotty Sr. with team at Nationals

Current Profession

Although I sit by the phone every NBA draft day, I’m currently an Orthodontist practicing in Haverhill and Lynn. It’s fun talking hoops with the age demographic I work with, and perfecting their smiles is extremely rewarding. I hope to one day in the near future make a return to coaching with the Magic!