© Copyright 2017 by Middlesex Magic Magic Inc. | All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2017 by Middlesex Magic Magic Inc. | All Rights Reserved.

Chris Hurley

Boston College High School

  • Undefeated Massachusetts Division 1 State Champions 2006-2007
  • South region MVP
  • Catholic Conference Co MVP
  • Globe All Scholastic Team
  • Boston Herald All Scholastic
  • Division 1 player of the year in the South Region

Saint Michael’s College

  • Received Full Athletic Scholarship
  • Northeast 10 Conference Honor Roll Recipient

Best Memories playing for the Middlesex Magic

My final year of AAU we were down in nationals at the wide world of sports complex. Our team was undersized against many opponents we faced. We had four guards and one big playing at all times. I can always remember Coach Crotty Sr. telling us to use the height difference to our advantage. Those games were some of the best games I played in because he allowed us to go out there play aggressive on defense and get out and run. This forced to communicate and work as a team in order to beat teams that were more athletic, or taller than us. This really stuck with me into my senior year of high school and beyond. The idea of forgetting about individual accomplishments and focus on team goals. That’s when basketball is at its best is. When everyone buys into a goal and the team is all works to accomplish it.

How the Middlesex Magic helped me the most

The Middlesex Magic helped me on and off the court. It made me realize that if I wanted to purse my dream of playing basketball at the college level, not only was it important to work hard on the court, but even more important to work hard in the class room. I believe the work ethic that was developed over my time playing basketball translated to my success in the class room. Making me realize that nothing is given one must earn it.

Current Profession

I work in finance at a company in Boston called MFS (Massachusetts Financial Services). My role is an internal wholesaler within the retail distribution side of the company. I work with financial advisors (i.e, Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, etc.). What I do is provide solutions for financial advisors and their clients to use as investment vehicles for various financial goals (i.e, 401(k), 529, IRA, etc.) The territory I cover is Florida Pan-handle, Alabama, Mississippi, and New Orleans.